Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sheppard Street Pharmacy, 604 N. Sheppard St., Paper Fan, 1930s

This fan is a great item donated by Richard to me in the last week. I need to check the Richmond directories to see how long the Sheppard Street Pharmacy lasted. The 1939 directory does not have them listed. The one item I have that does have a date - the monthly statement for "Pam Moss" - is dated Nov. 1, 1938 for her October purchases.

Sheppard Street Pharmacy, Park and Sheppard St., Richmond, Virginia - Monthly Statement, October 1938, for "Pam Moss"

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This woman (if that is "Pam") had about 5-6 prescriptions filled during the month of October in 1938 - not counting refills. Kleenex, adhesive tape, thyroid tablets, soap.... Can anyone make out the writing and give me the total list here? Thanks.

Sheppard Street Pharmacy, 604 N. Sheppard St., Richmond, Va, Matchbook cover, 1930s

Came across this at a postcard show a few years ago - gave it to a friend who just gave it back along with some other items from the Sheppard Street Pharmacy which was located on the 600 block of N. Sheppard Street - near where Cafe Diem is today.