Friday, April 9, 2010

1889 view of the Devil's Triangle - Sheppard's Addition.

(Click for much larger view)

Image of what became the Devil's Triangle neighborhood from 1889. At this time the area was referred to as "Sheppard's Addition." Only lots, no buildings yet. This image is from “Atlas of the City of Richmond, Virginia and Vicinity,” published in Philadelphia: by G. William Baist, 1889. Notice the Soldier's Home grounds on the left.
Also, Leonard Street is now Patterson Ave. and the are of Franklin St. on this map is now Monument Ave.


john m said...

Do you know if there is more of this atlas available online? If not, how would someone go about getting to see this atlas?

Ray said...

Sorry to write you back so after the fact.

This map is not online but contact Ray Bonis at and he can help.

Another map from 1876 is available at the Library of Congress site, its similar - same kind of atlas. It's called the Beer's atlas. again, write me and I'll tell you how you can access it.