Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Blog - The Devil's Triangle, Richmond, Va

A nice distorted view of N. Sheppard and Park Ave. - in the heart of the Devil's Triangle, Richmond, VA - image from Google Maps' Street View function.

Welcome - And share your memories of The Devil's Triangle and please share this URL with people you think might be interested.

This is the fourth blog entry - check out the site for other entries. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

years ago we lived in 2814 kensington ave. never knew the neighborhood had a name. i always thought it was just called "west of hte blvd". very interesting.

Ralph Nader said...

Just FYI: Ralph Nader will give a speech tomorrow in Richmond, Virginia.
Sat. July 12th 1-3pm
Nader for President 2008 Rally
Richmond, VA
Virginia Holocaust Museum
2000 E Cary St. Richmond, VA
Contact John: 804-432-1611
Suggested contribution: $10/$5 student

Mike said...

i've heard rumors about this being a site of lynchings. is there any documentation of this?

Ray said...

Not that I know of? But the day is young.

-- Ray