Sunday, August 10, 2008

New Blog - The Devil's Triangle (west of the Blvd., N. Sheppard and Park Ave. and there-abouts)

This is a repost - Just to do a little advertising on - Richmond Blogs.

New Blog - The Devil's Triangle, Richmond, Va

A nice distorted view of N. Sheppard and Park Ave. - in the heart of the Devil's Triangle, Richmond, VA - image from Google Maps' Street View function.

Welcome - And share your memories of The Devil's Triangle and please share this URL with people you think might be interested.

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Randall Webb said...

You should try blogging about something interesting.

Ray said...

The neighborhood (and its history )where I choose to live is interesting - sorry you don't feel that way about where you live - that must suck.

sinnerpoet said...

-wanna live there =)